Please sit back and take this simple exam, which probably might be the last examination you would take in 2014. Only people headed to 2015 are eligible to take this examination, as no invigilators are involved because it is an open book/self examination. All candidates are advised to be honest because your score would be disclosed to you after answering the last question by your amazing self. Did I forget to add that I am also taking this exam? Good luck with the questions.

  1. How consistent was I with my walk and fellowship with God?
  2. Could I have devoted enough time to the study of God’s word?
  3. What habits do I need to drop and which ones do I need to acquire.
  4. In what areas was my spiritual life vulnerable?
  5. What approach did I take to tempting situations?
  6. Did I depend more on my flesh rather than God?
  7. How obedient was I to the truths in the word of God?
  8. Was my life as a Christian Christ like and worthy of emulation?
  9. My answers to the above questions have been on the affirmative; what should I keep doing to continue to walk on the right path with God
  10. My answers to the above have been on the negative, what measures do I take to ensure I stay close to God as possible in 2015?
  11. This question is optional. Give yourself a score.

Ooops I’m done. Thank goodness our scores will not be revealed because as much as I would have loved to ace all the questions, I’m not proud of my score but I believe if I take the right approach to what and what made me fail. I will serve God effectively and represent him in every aspect of my life in 2015, most importantly with His help because I failed at doing it by myself.






Hello there, so I decided to make a list of some important lessons I learned along the year. Some of which I gained by experience and others I read. I do hope it blesses you and you also get to learn something from them. Okay so here we go, in no particular order.

  1. There is no perfect time for anything, the perfect time is now
  2. You can’t please everybody. Live a life acceptable unto God.
  3. Hard work is hard but it pays.
  4. Laziness is easy but its consequences are deadly like Ebola.
  5. Humility is the key to greatness.
  6. Pray before making any decision. Seeking Gods counsel is the best decision you can make.
  7. Consistency is the key to success.
  8. Don’t stay idle, do what the clock is doing MOVE.
  9. Nothing should take Gods place in my life.
  10. Live a Christ like life. Reflect Christ in your life style.
  11. Aim for success and excellence will follow.
  12. Life is short; make the best use of relationships with people.
  13. Speak life, think before you talk. Let your words edify.
  14. Impossible is not a word.
  15. Everything has a positive side. Choose to see the good in everything.
  16. God in the equation equals the solution.
  17. Sin is my biggest enemy, not the devil.

So that’s my list of lessons I learned from 2014, there are still a few days left so I also hope to learn something new, to make me a better person every day. I would also like to hear some of the lessons you learnt from 2014.

Just use the comment box below and let me know your thoughts.

                              Stay Fresh and Stay repping Jesus


Please can we stand up and share the grace, the pastor said. I was immensely blessed by the pastor’s sermon. He had really been a mouthpiece of God.

You should see my church notes they were filled with spiritual punch 👊 lines to punch the devil. It was then I determined in my heart to join this church because it was just a replica of the God type church i read about in the bible.

As we waited in the first timers lodge, to see the pastor – I was even anticipating to meet with this man of God – and get to now more about this heavenly church, the light suddenly went off.

I’ll tell you what the pastor told us and who put on the light later. But before that, let me let you in on the amazing things about this church.

Some of which was making me, go to my pastor the next Sunday to tender my resignation letter as a member of the church and like the telecommunication networks i was porting to a better church.


One striking trait that every member exhibited was true love, one that sprang from the heart, one birthed in the understanding of God’s love for us. It was as if the only thing in the bible they read was John 3:16 where the bible said, love your neighbour as your self. They were really living John 13:35 physically.


I can’t again talk about the members without mentioning love, each treating each other as himself not thinking of one self as higher than the other .

Amazingly they were people of different status quo, some higher than the others but that didn’t matter for they were one and united.

Peradventure one falls from the faith, the others don’t go about pointing accusing fingers and condemning but they go on their knees and intercede asking God to restore their brother or sister back to the faith.


You can say this was the occupation of the members and the sole mission of the church was soul winning. It Was boldly written on their banner but what was most important, was that they lived it. They had other jobs but to them their full time job was soul winning.

To them every place was a mission field to evangelize, they were always ever ready to talk about Jesus because their lives were always talking about Him.

You can say they were unashamed for Christ, they deserved to use the title Christian not just as a religion on facebook but because they were living for and were true followers of Christ.


A very humble personality a true leader as described by Paul in 1st Timothy pointing others to Christ and not himself.He realizes that he is a man before the title “Man of God”.  His goal is to be there just as a shepherd is for the sheep of God put in his care.

*****        *****      *****

As we waited for the pastor in the first timers lodge, the light suddenly went off and in a couple of minutes later someone switched on the light .

It shone brightly into my eyes the next thing i heard was Chinedu stand up are you not going to church today …..aaaaah it was only a dream so i was not porting to any church after all.

I said my prayer and made up my mind not to leave my church irregardless of the things that are not in place, i made up my mind to work on myself.

After all i was the church since the church is not a building but you and I. I would check out for little foxes that abound in me and address them thereby, looking more like Jesus and his church.

Have a great and Super Sunday. I love you but  never forget that Jesus loves you more, sometimes i wish i love you the way he  loves you but I’m still toward that mark. 😊

Stay Fresh and Stay Repping Jesus



J- Joseph’s son John talked about I call him Jehovah Jireh

E- Elevated from the grave after 3 days above Every Earthly Entity

S- Son of God reigns Supreme died to Save Sinners like me and bring Salvation to the lost Souls.

U- Uniquely united with the trinity, Uniting us to the father. He Unanimously died for me and you

S- Sanctified Saviour Sent to the world to Save Sinners of their Sins

                                    MERRY CHRISTMAS