Just a few…

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i really just want to state a few things that I have learnt that are unchanging for me…

  • God is my healer!
  • God is my source!
  • My identity is in Jesus not in my race, tribe, color or looks.
  • Pride is a No no for you if you want to have an intimate and loving relationship with God for your years
  • Faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God. if you lack faith, read the Word of God till it sinks into your spirit. then you are fully charged!
  • Holiness is an act and a state. Be ye holy as your father in heaven is Holy.
  • My righteousness is of Christ Jesus. It is not a function of myself.
  • The state of your heart matters to God. Out of the heart proceeds all evils deeds. God requires purity of heart.
  • Your works also counts before God. He will…

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The Cross

God of a second chance

You gave me a third chance

Without you I’m of no importance

I’m just mere matter occupying space

For the gift of a new day
– I’m grateful

For the air I breathe I say
-I’m thankful

Lest I forget about your grace

Your unconditional love it keeps me amazed

Even when I fell off your ways

You didn’t hide your face

I battled hard with my besetting sin

Using weapons of flesh I expected to win

But sadly everytime I tried I lost

Frustrated I turned back to the cross my last resort

Then I realized the battle I was fighting was already won

On the cross by the blood of the Son.

Thanks for reading but remember to always STAY FRESH and STAY REPPING JESUS

I Wish

Hello there, Chinedum here again. Here’s a poem I wrote, hope it blesses someone.

I wish Adam never ate the fruit

I wish teens of today will serve god in their youth

I wish the media never showed me all the wrong things to do

I wish I never believed that all I watched was true

I wish in church I listened to the good news of the gospel

I wish I never listened to the world news showing on cable

I wish for every idle time I had I read my bible

I wish I never made my phone my idol

I wish I prayed just like Daniel

I wish loved God more than I say I do

I wish every word I heard was the word of God

I wish less nudity is shown in music videos

I wish everybody gets to know Jesus

I wish all my wishes came true

All of us have things we wish we did different or happened differently.

Some things we don’t have power over but we can put all things in the hands of the Most high and through the help of the Holy spirit he’ll help us make right decisions in our daily activities.

This way we don’t end up wishing we did this or didn’t do that.
Have a great week ahead and you already know, but incase you didn’t. I love you but Jesus loves you more.

Stay Fresh and Stay Repping Jesus Christ.

Because of You

Hello there, Chinedum here again here is a poem I wrote.Hope it blesses you and don’t forget to share.

Because of you he was crucified
Because of you he was whipped
Because of you he died
Because of you he was rejected
Because of you he was ridiculed
Because of you he said it is finished
Because of you on the cross he bled
Because of you he took the lashes
Because of you he took he was abused by the Pharisees
Because of you he went to hell to collect the key
Because of you he did all these
So you won’t face the consequence of your sins
All he asks is that you love Him back. Christ suffered for us on the cross of Calvary, this poem doesn’t even come close to portray the agony he felt.
Yet he endured it because of you and I so we’ll have a better life, free from the bondage of sin.
Let your actions today and hence forth show that you were bought with a price. Let others see Christ in us. #RepresentJesus.
Final words: I love you but incase you don’t know Jesus loves you more. Stay Fresh and Stay Repping Jesus.